World powers

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Primary world powers and their corresponding cowboys:

Secondary world powers:

  • The Media and Academia: primary power is selective editing (bias)
  • the people: primary power: well one time The Man slipped on some of the people's guts and broke his hand. That was a great triumph for the people. But primary powers are usually:
    • Guilt tripping The Man, the AntiChrist, or Ronald. These rulers like to think of themselves as benevolent liberators but sometimes the amount of misery and death becomes so great that it's more economically viable to adjust their policies slightly, rather than hiring/threatening more intellectuals to spin the story such that they can continue to believe it.
    • Direct action
      • Lumenos is sorta freganish and this may have saved some chickens or bigger livestock or maybe it lowered the price slightly and someone else ate the chickens or they threw them away (and then Lumenos ate them).