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Vegans must supplement[edit]

tl:dr: Take Diva Vegan multivitamins...

...and maybe Diva Vegan omega-3 (DHA/EPA) but these are expensive so you might want to get some fish (or cod liver) oil or eat oily fish such as salmon, herring, mackerel, anchovies, menhaden, sardines, and the naughty/endangered/tastiest one roughy/slimehead. Or take your chances with ALA via flax or Canola.

Cheat sheet: B12, D, iodine, iron, lysine, EPA and DHA might be better than ALA

Vegans are often deficient in two vitamins and two minerals thus they need to supplement.

The big one is B12. Common supplement in soymilk but probably not enough.

Even omnivorous people are deficient in D because their feathered meats get no sunlight, but vegans moreso.

Iodine can be obtained through iodized salt in the US but don't expect imported Chinese soysauce to have iodine, neither does McDonald's salt according to err research.

Vegans tend to have less iron than omnivores however usually this isn't associated with a health problem (in vegans) and iron is the most common cause of vitamin toxicity/overdose so don't overdo it either. Molasses is all the nutrients removed from white cane sugar including high amounts of iron. Pretty good on vegetables with iodized salt like teriyaki sauce (though I'm not sure if this (always) has molasses).

Different forms of anemia are caused by lack of iron, B12, or B6.

"Protein" on a package label doesn't mean "complete protein" so it isn't very helpful. Proteins consist of amino-acids. Grains and nuts are deficient in lysine while legumes (beans, peas, lentils) are deficient in a different amino acid, except soy and quinoa are "complete" proteins. Tastiest vegan lysine? Trader Joe's Melodious Blend = green garbanzo, red and green lentil, etc.

Oh and you can eat meat/fat/dairy/fish if it is raised, killed, or obtained humanly, or if you have to go win-lose because there is no healthy + benevolent option. But other than that I AM THE ANTI-JANEY! Also cows fart shittons of methane which is far worse greenhouse gas than carbon.

They do not fart methane, they burp it.
No they fart from their mouths. You are eating farts and puss milk and all that terror and misery and moms having their babies tak'n to be locked in a little cage to make tender veal. MONSTERS!
So you don't eat that factory animal stuff?
Had to do an experiment to see if health problem went away and guess what? It maybe started to then got MUCH WORSE along with more weight from fat and now I'm addicted again. Are you happy now? If you continue this blasphemy against the holy spirit I WILL get triggered and.. okay I win argument OKAY?! I'll spray, I WILL SPRAY!!|!!|! I'm sure we all don't look like Janey Gak because we just haven't had enough BBQ pork rinds. Nothing to do with genetics. For your health how about some tripe smothered in snake oil?!

Some so-called "flavorings"[edit]

Lumenos has deconstructed and identified many flavors for you:

Some flavorings:

A flavorSlave is someone with an addiction to foods that are either unhealthy or maliciously produced.