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If it seems that intelligent design is a better explanation than naturalistic evolution maybe we are living in a "simulated reality" made by "aliens" (who might look just like us but I call them "alien" because we can't see them or their world unless they have revealed sometings such as their non-matrixized form by presenting that in our simulated reality).

The gods don't know we exist?[edit]

So one solution to the problem of evil, is that these "gods" (progs) just don't care about us. But the new idea is that they have not solved the mind-body problem, thus they are not aware that we are sentient.

Verily I say! It seems that we may create a reality simulator for: research, gaming/entertainment/fantasy, but when the AI of the organisms in the simulator become so realistic we may (inadvertently) create sentient organisms without knowing what the programmatic/neural correlate of consciousness/sentience actually is. The game devs will, of course, scoff at the idea that this AI could be sentient/conscious for this should imply the AI had rights/needs and this would restrict them as biotech is restricted by animal/human welfare. But then the marketing/propaganda department will want people to believe these android/animaloid/programs are sentient so they will buy them for to have fwends. This is the only way some pweepol can haz fwends :_(