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Tommy Robinson[edit]

Tommy Robinson believes the Quran and hadiths contain ideas incompatible with Western society. Take this for example "A sane adult male apostate may be executed. A female apostate may be put to death, according to the majority view, or imprisoned until she repents, according to others."[1] Oh so women aren't responsible enough to execute sometimes? But isn't that racist!?!?!? I mean to say that to people on the street. Why would you do such a thing unless you are an extremely racist racist?

If you listen to this racist interview between these racist racists like Brittany Prettyboner, you will learn why Tommy's teeth are so racist. They aren't his teeth. Those were knocked out by islam-o-multiculturalists after the justice system very willfully stuffed him into the general population of the prison system which is entirely run by muslims. Annnnnd the last time he was there someone tipped him off that he was about to have boiling sugar water thrown on his racist face, til he popped into the plotters cell and probably said something racist. He was put there because he would not agree to help the intelligence services infiltrate the British nazis. Because after he is a card carrying member of the nazi party we will all see he is not racist after all but instead he had to be racist. That's assuming he is telling the truth but who you going to believe the right fine old media folks who have been telling you hoards of street people spitting on you, are there for your benefit.... or some RACIST!?!?!? Tommy supports the state of Israel and has many a Sikh and Muslim friend since he comes from a Sharia city in England called Luton. He is currently in prison for being one of those "news reporters" who does such naughty racist things as filming and interviewing people coming and going from prison for sexually abusing (underage) females. Because this might influence people and they might be on juries and only the truthful media may get the story truthful by calling them Asians. It's the Jacky Chan clan agan!

Lauren Southern[edit]

At first glace, a southern belle. WONG! Not a girlie by LAW!!!1! Quite to the contrarian, a Canadian supremacist in FACT. New spaper even said so.

As fitting for such as Canadian supremacists, we will be focusing exclusively on eir imperfection, perhaps making some up for extra justice. Conveniently what lumenism does anyway: going neg. There're just the type to be making people into lampshades, soap, shrunken heads, etc.


  • Antichristianity commonly called Christianity. A lot of authoritarian nonsense.. I mean evil that causes all the problems. Connect the dots.
  • Not multiculturalist like me. What about multicultural wonderlands where the bads are filtered out by income or something? Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, or the metros responsible for most econ activity? The high skilled folks are in high demand. Damn Steve Bannon for saying those jobs should go to Americans. What jobs? There are things hardly anyone else can do like audit software. Mate them with great whoregasms. No, not you; you will pollute our elite mutt race of Canadian supremacists. But the 9/11 highjackers were educated, wealthy or something, so they should also be screened for islam-o-jihadism.
  • The problem is victim-crime going unpunished and maybe letting a bunch of women and children refuges in instead of strong back working men with cellphones. No those are both bad perhaps, unless attractive and well behaved. Give them your years of experience in makeup tech. How long did it take Jenna Marbles to go from the eyebrow coppertan subhuman, to the majestic lovely of today? These poor third world shanty pics aren't selfies for a reason.
  • Caught red handed practicing multiculturalism with some sort of indian or something. What about that?!?!?!
  • New no no

A call to arms[edit]

Even after all the racism was denounced and shown to be falsehoods someone said something racist. This is particularly disturbing because east asians have long been known to believe that just because they are canadian that this gives them the right to be supremacist. "White people have stopped breeding. You’ll all go extinct soon. This was my plan all along."

We don't have the technology here but this was followed by an image of purple satan. This is having real-world effects. South African women of color are torturing whities to death.


Update!! Lauren Southern and friends got the boatloads of human traffickers posing as refugee rescuers stopped by Italy, Malta, etc. Pretty good hugh. Maybe there is hope for the people... wait ey is not the people ey is the Man now dawg. The people are sent back to their shit holes.

Debate on open boarders you make your mother and Jamie Excellante proud.

older masterdebate[edit]

Lauren vs some guy (Destiny), informal convo-debate with crosstalk (best kind) but only two people who are reasonably reasonable (TED less necessary), it is two and a half hours on one topic so they both have time to make their arguments (unlike TV), and they actually can access internet facties (unlike TV) Dawg.

I'm an hour and a half in and so far no one has compared immigrants to babbies. Babbies are rather needy. Immigrants who aren't making too much terrorism might be good for the holy GDP. Sharia cities probably have fine GDP and many good harsh laws against victim-crime (some modifications required to decriminalize victimless crime, if possible). They also haven't talked about Christian/secular state terrorism. They aren't including state violence that may be motivated by having no islhamic homeboys.

State of the Union[edit]

Neatshe (in the notsee hospital) has sometings to say about racialism. Racism begets racism. You need to be racist whilst among racists (ie typical prison) and multicultural/meritocratic whilst amongst these sorts (ie "liberal" "university" "intellectual"). Often we are not aware which is the better strategery.


Monopolies, public utilities, or essential services should be regulated and not allowed to refuse service to customers. Small business should be unregulated like private property.

  • Rosa Parks - I would have just sat at the back of the bus but whatever. It is a public utility so they shouldn't be allowed to discriminate.
  • Sit-ins in restaurants and cafe's - pathetic. Make your own restaurants, etc. It isn't that hard. You can do it on residential land. Or make sure your "oppressors" run all the businesses I guess that is working sorta.
  • Christian bakery making gay cakes - asking for it. Should you really trust your enemy to mix up your food for you?
  • Race quotas bad.

Neatshe and clucky are not getting along well on the subjects of school integration. We are anti-nepotist but against forced integration. But we do believe in voluntary/meritocratic integration.

Jew/Mass media[edit]

Mass media is essential public utility yet I don't think it proper to institute race quotas to avoid jew bias. You must rather attract the eye/earballs to your internets. They are now suffering the white man's burden and it will only get worse.

(Not) racist propaganda[edit]

Please read racist propaganda outlet Vice News explaining away American slavery and confirm or deny Mark Stolzoff retort, homeboy has a table yo can't make these thongs up.

Samples (probably not even the best ones):

  • White slaves outnumbered black slaves in America throughout the 1600s.
  • Historians [who?] from both ends of the political spectrum say that white slaves were treated worse than black slaves.
  • blacks owned a total of 20,000 black slaves in the year 1860
  • Of the 10 to 15 million Africans who were transplanted to the New World... [94%] went to South America.

Also great brown power activist Dr. Thomas Sowell dropped these zingers

  • India... had more slaves than in the entire Western Hemisphere
  • Etc
  • All of this is total bullshit for I have come to declare bullshit and call an Uncle Thom an Uncle Thom.


As you can see both neatshe and clucky have show a great diversity of not racist thinking and so should be appointed commander of the alt-white movement displacing Chris Rock and Coonye oh so machismo willies. Keep on issue please kthnx.

Kraut and Tea[edit]

If you've lost all hope in British accents since John Oliver challenged McDadold to a duel on his own turf, check Kraut and Tea. Other objectively quantifiable talents: sounds like knows German.

vs alt-alt-white (I haven't heard of any of these nemes; how about debating weev? But some plausible sounding "history" of nazi genocide (by comparison some of the revisionist stuff sounds "plausible" as far as clucky can tell.)

vs Sambee on Brexit Oh lovely Sambee how you make butthurt so good I humbly offer to your goddessness this cuckoldist.

Kraut vs Amazing Atheist. Kraut apparently arguing for immigration reform.

Suspected lumenati.

Wait what is this human neme and what has ey done with the lumenati commander? What happened to Mr Shades with the greatest respect for the physicalist sciences? Where are the googal map points? Neatshe must do everything emselves. Time for a state of the union.

Freedom of censorship[edit]

Dickspencer (Mr. alt-right) can see no government censorship. Meanwhile McDadolds' CIA director is plotting to murder Edward Snowdenhands, Julian Assange is still under house arrest for being the MVP investigative reporter, and Chelsea Manning can't even kill eirself to end the torture. Look how many Democrats and Republicans openly advocate the murder of Julian Assange These are leaks where the sensitive information is carefully redacted and no one can point to anything but political harm that has come of it. The truth shouldn't be meddling with the elections if Russians have revealed it!

Who gets all the forgiveness and love? Crooked Killary! Campaigns are a time to say things the people like to hear. Maybe there should be an investigation of misuse of classified information. Nevermind a prosecution for a war of aggression, then we might have to stop doing that. What's an aggressive war anyway? It's the worst crime there is but you never hear about it. Can you guess why?

"War is essentially an evil thing. Its consequences are not confined to the belligerent states alone, but affect the whole world. To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole."

From now on Dickspencer will have to answer for being the fascist mastermind behind the Trumpublican party.

Steve Bannon[edit]

Alt-white Bannon vs the multicultural eugenics Bannon thinks it is a problem that Asians are over-represented in Silicon Valley. It's better for whites to marry/breed with those with good genetics and cultures. All complex, intelligent species reproduce sexually (not by cloning like bacteria) because diversity improves the gene pool.

Is everything alt-white?[edit]

Mark Blyth: Brexit was best option for proletarians.

Mark Blyth predicting Italy and France will go "fascist" also.

Prevent immigrants?[edit]

RatWiki on immigration:

  • Undocumented workers pay billions into Social Security, Medicare, welfare, and food stamps that they can't get back. Maybe Paul Ryan can end some of this extortion (Social Security).

  • Dadold planned to have the Mex gov pay for the wall by threatening to block remittances. Since Peter Thiel is on your transition team, perhaps you could ask him to explain the implications of the blockchain on the ol' currency trillema dilemma. Make sure to read that next section called "Impossible trinity and historical events".

Immigrant crime[edit]

Sanctuary cities: Dadold, O'Rally, and Ginchrig seem to be arguing that since we can't disable violent criminals maybe we can deport them? So why not campaign on law enforcement against the crimes with the innocent victims?

Sweden immigrant rape censorship, etc, biting satire from Angry Foreigner (who isn't Swedish so it isn't racist)