Split Synereo AMP or merge with Ethereum?

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Updates: /u/ethereo of reddit fame is supporting the original Synereo/RChain project by issuing tokens to holders of the AMP omniasset (at some point(s) in time). The rest of this may contain inaccuracies that I have no intention of correcting.

This is a reply to Vlad Zamfir's proposal to split the Synereo AMP token into two cryptocurrencies. I argue to instead merge these projects with Ethereum.

https://www.reddit.com/r/Synereo/comments/5gab8x/proposal_conduct_the_firstever_coin_split/ [1]

I assume that Synereo requires a blockchain and it could be made to run on Ethereum.

Splitting AMP increases the risk that Rchain could abandon "new-AMP" and clone Synereo using Rcoin instead. If they split and Synereo devs want to deploy Synereo over multiple blockchains, they could split new-AMP again. They might want to split to Rchain, Ethereum, or develop their own chain. But once you split over two blockchains, another split can't be done cleanly from two currencies. You always have to consider the risk that Synereo might be cloned on Ethereum or Rchain, without using AMP.

One thing that struck me was that Vlad says he has learned more computer science from Greg than from anyone.[1] Greg said something about being funded by another project. Ethereum was it?

Is AMP even on a blockchain yet? Is it vulnerable to hackers, regulators, insiders, etc? AMP could be deployed on Ethereum (although this could carry similar risks as we've seen Ethereum "dapps" can still contain flaws).

But mainly what I wanted to suggest was to merge Synereo/Rchain with Ethereum/Casper. Develop the best Casper/Rchain yall can agree on and deploy it (and Synereo) on Ethereum. AMP token holders could still vote on how much funding goes to implementing Greg's vision of Casper/Rchain but they may rather put more of it toward Synereo development since that is specific to the value of the AMP token in this... scenario (got punding?). This way there is less risk of either Synereo or Rchain, dying of poverty, with backing from the Ethereum Foundation, network effects of the Ethereum ecosystem, less risk of being cloned on Ethereum, and maybe less reason for similar Ethereum projects to compete with Synereo (maybe Akasha could merge or be more willing/able to interoperate/collaborate). Although separately Rchain/Synereo and Ethereum could be sidechains of each other, AMP could interact with Ethereum faster/securer if it didn't have to wait for confirmations from a different blockchain (as with BTC Relay).

If Synereo or Rchain run out of funding we may find these projects cannibalized by Ethereum anyway (again, even if they don't run out of funding). Casper is benefiting from Rchain's development. You could justify getting funds from the Foundation if there is no competing project. (Then you wouldn't have to do all this sneaking around.) As three separate projects Synereo/Rchain risk bankrupting themselves to subsidize Ethereum development.


  1. ETH and ETC was the first coin split. This would be the first split with the blessings of the authorititties. ;-)