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Now, now, every children listen up: (Now, Now - Wolf You know those existentialist collegiate children who tell it like it is and make it (Peaking Lights - Hey Sparrow seem so uneventful). No Jonseian embellishments or riske' metaphorical trumpgassams on stage.

Did you know that ( Hana's parents love you) or especially me? No ying would be complete without a yang. ( Chimera is Hana's bad cop) to complement the good copiness of Underwater. Of course she can hurt you perhaps by hiring a hitman of sorts or simply allowing you to become addicted to her beauty or giving you some drugs or something. How do you think she would do it and why? I don't understand. You can never rely on interviews to explain these things because it would be inappropriate to continue channeling the godess and social media along with the press would have a field day and you wouldn't see anyone who totally gets you and is so perfect for you bb.

Sky Ferreira: Sad Dream MTV In My Room (on a boat)

Mary Ocher: I, Human, (something more up-beat perhaps? Man vs Air

Nova: Problems