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Referata is currently home to Lumeniki1ref. All performance evaluations shall be performed using lumenikiRefs since there is no reason whatsoever that lumenikis should be treated differently from other wikis on the farm.


Password (easy CAPTCHA) for editing[edit]

The current editing password could be found here.

Tor blocking[edit]

Every now and then those who attempt to edit (via Tor), without logging in, will see a message saying that it blocks proxies but most Tor nodes are not currently blocked. From Tor Browser you are going to find the onion icon beside the address bar, click "New Tor circuit for this site".

On the day Referata decides to block all public Tor nodes (like Wikipedia does) or require ridiculously inconvenient CAPTCHAs for Tor users (Tor is suspicious enough without CloudFlare), most edits will probably be from "spammers" (or harassers/phishers who are trying to get you to react by deleting "spam" so they can identify you, wear you down, make you a janitor/moderator, etc). Homie don pla dat.

Disconnection while editing common[edit]

When trying to edit once I couldn't connect at a time when I could connect to and a different referata wiki.

Inaccessibility is common[edit]

Referata is often "slow" like sometimes you can't load a page for hours or a day. Most of the time it is accessible within 10 minutes or so. No one has explained why although the authorities were asked. Soury Charlie!


Flood control is not great. ("Flood control" includes: spambots, vandalism, hob goblinism, etc)


These are typical behaviours of the world wide web and why we need peer-to-peer web servers with domain names on blockchains.