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Blaire White is challenging me to a rap battle with her winky assertion that there are only two genders. I already know there are two genders, penis and "vagina". We welcome you to our restroom lovely "vagina".

Howto pooproom[edit]

Uncontroversial pooprooms[edit]

The design of pooprooms are as follows. Unisex rooms are inclusive of all and they contain no changing stations. Vaginas may learn to pee a stream by doing so in the shower, so they could use the urinals. People vote on how many squat toilets to have so ladies don't excrete on the seats, etc.

Paper wipy is uncivilized unless to be fed to the compost grubs. Bidets and soap dispensers aplenty. BYO nitrile gloves or underhole cleaning tools.

Changing stations are in the hallway to the protected room. Mascu-men may only enter this area to change the (unnecessary) diapers of their toddlers. Beyond this is the exclusive room which is the more complicated political battleground.

Who may enter the vagina sanctuary?[edit]

The exclusive rooms are for the beautiful and downtrodden vaginas. The meek, the feeble, the bullied, the pussy grabbed, the slut shamed, the cringy ikilumen video shamed.[1] Here the children and tranies seek refuge in the warm embrace of vagina. All the controversy is about those who would invade these holy sanctuaries by boys to mascumen. Big mirrors on every wall implore all contestants to check themselves before they wreck themselves, "Am I nice and pretty enough? Am I young enough? Do I even have a vagina?"

Astrorice and the cringy chilly ASMR[edit]

  1. Astrorice does more gender appropriate videos now but she deleted the best one were she sung the Hogworts song about how the teachers don't care (obviously due to the pressure of social just us warblers)