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Defining the genders[edit]

Blaire White (pretend tranny)[edit]

Blaire White is challenging me to a rap battle with her winky assertion that there are only two genders. I already know there are two genders: penis and "vagina". We welcome you to our restroom lovely "vagina".


The first thing you should never do in a gender politico-medical debate is get into the gender defining weeds. Professionals never do this...


...except sportcasters who should probably say something about that South African gender before they run amuck on the track and field. White (russkies) have always used technology to balance out the competitive advantage but this right is being threatened in the (Special) Olympics. So lets go through the processes of (not) discovering true inner sports gender:

Later challenges to traditional gender normalcy[edit]

  • Then the snobbiest Swiss sports court did declare that there was insufficient evidence to show that presence of greater amounts of testosterone conferred a competitive advantage. LOL WUT?!?! This racist patriarchy thinks it can get away with misgendering traditional women just because some Indian mascuman tried/succeeded to kill theirselves or cut out their inside out vagina?!?! Should we really be letting males set the agenda when they are so sick they are mutilating their own female genitals? That's no clitoris, it's a space station. Next they will be telling us that mascumen can dope all they want on testosterone without being bumped into the beastmaster gender. Beastmasters, as those with such unhealthy hyperandrogenism as to be unmale, belong squarely in the Special Olympics with these handicap runners who go faster than people with legs. This freakazoid still hasn't filled that prescription for amputated legs! De niehill is not just a river in Egypt. Ever heard of a superhero called "Handicap Man"? Didn't think so.
  • Then some pretend trannies demanded the (Special) Olympics let everyone in who was raised as a "female"/feminym: psuedoscience big time. This is a great failure to note all the feminine handicaps of sporting... the ones that even the Swiss snob court will have to recognize as statistically significant if justice will prevail. Athletes should be tested for: flab, cholesterol, sitting around bitching, etc, to form scientific criteria for the true causes and correlations of vagina/wussy weaknesses.

Howto pooproom[edit]

Uncontroversial urinals[edit]

Vaginas may learn to pee a stream by doing so in the shower, so they could use the urinals. If you're a real lady you will be very bashful about the sounds you are making; try the wee on you exercise.

Uncontroversial pooprooms[edit]

The design of pooprooms are as follows.

Unisex rooms contain no changing stations. People vote on how many squat toilets to have so ladies/asians/etc don't squat/crap on the seats.

Fancy bidets rule. BYO nitrile gloves or underhole cleaning tools.

I'm not carrying something I put up my butt!
Prove it! Oh I mean, yes you are because it has a special cover like those toothbrushes. Get you some boody wash, because it's toothpaste for your butt! There is an air gap when the thick liquid is dropped on the application indention. Doubles as a porta-biget when one is not available. A no-entry enema that doesn't get liquid past the second/inner sphincter constrictor.
But poolets (poo toilets) shouldn't have water.
Just use the biget water sparingly (and use a nutrient dense pee for compost activation).
Pee stinks and just gross!
Poo stinks more and I don't see you complaining that A TURD JUST CAME OUT OF YOUR BUTT. Final rinse is with water, of course.

Changing stations[edit]

Changing stations are in the hallway to the protected room. Mascu-men may only enter this area to change the (unnecessary) diapers of their toddlers. Beyond this is the exclusive room which is the more complicated political battleground.

Good place for a Pathway To Freedom: a deep litter compost path where nobody needs diapers because you scoop the poopee and throw into the compost bin/toilets. Tiny training toilets that the adults also use to facilitate mimicry. These (have a compostable-plastic liner that) are emptied into the Grubby Loo: A grub tower having moldering solar heat if the local climate requires. What's all this for? Mak'n chigg'n food!

Who may enter the vagina sanctuary?[edit]

The exclusive rooms are for the beautiful and downtrodden vaginas. The meek, the feeble, the bullied, the pussy grabbed, the slut shamed, the cringy ikilumen video shamed.[1] Here the children and tranies seek refuge in the warm embrace of vagina. All the controversy is about those who would invade these holy sanctuaries by boys to mascumen. Big mirrors on every wall implore all contestants to check themselves before they wreck themselves, "Am I nice and pretty enough? Am I young enough? Do I even have a vagina?"

Astrorice and the cringy chilly ASMR[edit]

  1. Astrorice does more gender appropriate videos now but she deleted the best one were she sung the Hogworts song about how the teachers don't care (obviously due to the pressure of social just us warblers)

How many genders?[edit]

Attempting to count the genders is foolish because genders are a list of masculine and feminine things, which would have to be multiplied together for too many genders to keep track of. The problem is rather that people tend to be a mix of these and cultures define them differently. For categorical purposes it is much simpler to use tags like: hairdo tags, assertive, leadership, reason for makeup (what kind of showbiz?: cis newscaster, oh so you are on the straight and narrow. Hey but what about me I just have one freckle that looks like a booger. It's fine man but keep it on the down low, by the way what are you using because I find Maybelline to be a bit greasy), gynophile, androphile, reason for boobfat? just a pig or a hormonal pig?

See so many tags need tags but tags are always better than even category trees. Many things fit in multiple categories when you try to put them into trees.