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Now, now, every children listen up: (Now, Now - Wolf You know those existentialist collegiate children who tell it like it is and make it (Peaking Lights - Hey Sparrow seem so uneventful). No Jonseian embellishments or riske' metaphorical trumpgassams on stage.

The low-fi sentimental sounds of Molly Nilsson are never ending. Maybe my favorite lyricist:

Yvonne Pouget: "Lo spirito del cuore" This is K93.7 where the hits never quits!

While human humor (humanor) is often puzzling to clucky, Kake McKlitoron has some objectively quantifiable talents such as accents, singing, dancing, and being lezbo. She becomes very serious and makes me cry Somebody knows the melancholy of the jew.

Lucy Camp be creeping me out with all these personal messages. (Be You ) I can't write about what serious feelings this inspires.Lucy Camp TCE MIC CHECK I like the name luzid but apparently she wants to go by Lucy.

Did you know that ( Hana's parents love you) or especially me? No ying would be complete without a yang. ( Chimera is Hana's bad cop) to complement the good copiness of Underwater. Of course she can hurt you perhaps by hiring a hitman of sorts or simply allowing you to become addicted to her beauty or giving you some drugs or something. How do you think she would do it and why? I don't understand. You can never rely on interviews to explain these things because it would be inappropriate to continue channeling the godess and social media along with the press would have a field day and you wouldn't see anyone who totally gets you and is so perfect for you bb.

Where mah dorks at? Damn I be thinkin blvck ceiling is zbest whitchhouse

Okay this is what David Dukes was talking about. This doesn't have to be your last roller coaster ride. No no it's this one Smoking bananadine does NOTHING ABSOLUTLY FUCKING NOTHING!!!! bURN YOUR ANARCHIST COOKBOOK NOAW!!!1!

Sky Ferreira: Sad Dream MTV In My Room (on a boat)

Mary Ocher: I, Human, (something more up-beat perhaps? Man vs Air

Nova: Problems

First some context. Of Montreal transplains how girls don't pee on the seat, etc. It's different for country western musicians

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