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lumenikilu or lumenikiLu (first letter not capitalized)[edit]

A lumenikilu is any lumeniki administered according to Lumenos' preferred policies and Lumenos' idea of what is lumenotable and lumevolent.

(This naming convention has not always been followed so "lumenikilu" means "lumenikiLu".)

LumenikiLu or Lumenikilu (first letter capitalized)[edit]

LumenikiLu (with both the beginning letter and the "lu", capitalized) refers to all lumenikilus, collectively (it is not one specific wiki if there are more than one lumenikilu). This naming convention has not always been followed so "Lumenikilu" means "LumenikiLu".

Why all these names?[edit]

One preferred policy of Lumenos is that Lumeniki1 be open to collaborative governance. Lumenos is the only one making rules currently but all these rules may be changed if future lumenikians want them different. Therefore Lumenos can only make policy decisions about lumenikilus. Lumeniki1 only remains a lumenikilu so long as Lumenos is not overruled by the community. Being the administer of Lumeniki1Ref, Lumenos is the judge of when ey is overruled on this website, however if ey does not follow the policy ey has written (in the eyes of everyone in the community) the dissenting lumenikians will have grounds for establishing a fork to be named "Lumeniki2" (or the lumenikilu may be called Lumeniki2).

Where will Lumenos' content go?[edit]

Over at Lumeniki:Community Standards, Lumenos is being taught how to run wiki by veterans in the field. Wiki is hard. They won't even tell me what the wiki is! Is the wiki lumeniki1ref even if Lumenluki is goes to a different url location? Will all lumenlukis be lumenikilus or do they want my content for their version of lumeniki1ref? So hard I get confused. (No signing by that other editor is allowed here in mainspace. You don't need to know who I am; I am the voice of consensus comments reason.)