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I don't know if Referata has a privacy policy but I suggest we use technical means to protect our privacy rather than giving our information away and hoping some government or service provider will keep secrets for us.


This privacy policy is boring. LumenikiRef is a type of spyware called the internets with even more spyware from Googal. We must hack it to make it more privacy friendly.

Why do links look dwonky[edit]

Break links to external websites like you can observe being done sometimes here or in the girls article. This is so that someone can copy the text of a page and have all the links without clicking "edit". You can follow the links later or pretend that you found the information by searching the web so as to not reveal your chain of discovery. Web browsing leaves tracks I shall/have call(ed) "chains of discovery".

Youtube, etc[edit]

Youtube doesn't show you the name of the video in the url. Pretty snakey, Sis. That means you have to click on the link to find out the name. Instead we should put the name by the link so that the reader can look up the video wherever they want.

On Reddit[edit]

Reddit has a bot that (sometimes?) shows you the name of Youtube videos (as a comment) when someone posts a link to Youtube. Thank you to spirit of ( Aaron). Defending privacy freedom from the likes of Googal from beyond the grave. Lumeniki extends out to Reddit, but someday should be (MOAR!!1!!l!!) decentralized.

Tor Browser and javascript[edit]

At present 17:08, October 12, 2016 (EDT) I have made some edits to lumenikiRef whilst using torbutton on the highest security setting. Fregan sweet.

Old Intro[edit]

Unlike your government and your IAP, Lumenos cares about your informed consent. This is clearly evident when noting the amount of time ey put into writing this page, that will likely be read by no one.

If you are reading this at , than Referata is this wikifarm (host) (although other wikifarms may get your IP address also). Currently, Lumenos doesn't know or interact with these people, any more than what is revealed on this page. (Getting a wiki like this is easier than getting a free email box, that is if you already have an email box to get your wiki.)

"Anonymous" reading or editing[edit]

"I was able to edit Lumeniki at Referata, without logging on, through the Tor network but it required that I enable javascript and do a captcha. [ LumenikiRef no longer requires javascript and the "captcha" is the same password all the time.] Tor is supposedly vulnerable to traffic analysis so if you (continually) do something reeeally offensive or actually harmful, it may be possible to hunt you down. Tor exit nodes have been said to be run by spies who steal e-mail passwords. Another type of "onion routing" software, JAP did an update that allowed them to identify users. With or without taking "anonymity" measures, you are putting a great deal of trust in people and systems you don't understand. Using Tor may do more to put you on the suspicious radar or compromise your privacy, than not using it. Lumenos 17:22, August 20, 2009 (UTC)"

Editing a lumenikiRef[edit]

If you attempt to edit a MediaWiki wiki without logging on (last time Lumenos checked) you will get a warning and the CAPTCHA, so it is pretty difficult to do by accident, so long as the software requires this. If you do edit the wiki without logging on, your IP address will appear publicly, in the history tab (located near the top of the article). If create an account and you log on, your username will appear instead.

If you are not using an anonymous proxy, Lumenos or other admins (who may be appointed later), can probably see your IP address, no matter if you are logged on or not. You should probably assume that your IP will remain in the wiki logs forever.

What Lumenos might do with your IP[edit]

Lumenos can be quite tolerant in eir perception, and will almost always try rationalist consequism with someone first (especially now, since Lumenos has time for these things) but, if they are continually and intentionally decreasing the lumenotability or lumevolence of articles in LumenikiLu, in spite of explanations of why iz bad, Lumenos (or admins appointed by em) may ban their IP address from editing the wiki (for a time). Then they'll be sorry, but Lumenos must enforce liberty as best ey is able and in eir perception, they were making it unnecessarily less pleasant for the other sentients of Earth.

Lumenos currently don't know much about traffic analysis, but ey'd like to learn.

What an IP address can reveal[edit]

What else could be done with an IP address? Oh maybe learn anything else you been doing on the Internet and tell everybody or (if you're lucky) just blackmail you.

It may additionally provide hackers with your location.

Reading a MediaWiki wiki[edit]

If you're just reading this wiki, Lumenos (currently the only administrator, etc) doesn't know how to see your IP addy, if ey can.

Referata (the wikifarm host) probably can see your IP address when you view any page in their domain.


Referata's statement on privacy can be found at Referata:Privacy policy. Yaron Koren is the only one person Lumenos knows of, who is running Referata. He has always been prompt, considerate, and knowledgeable, in responding to email or his talk page. This should give you some idea of his political leanings. You can see some of his comments on Referata privacy or ask questions about these public wikis here. Lumenos 00:34, June 20, 2009 (UTC)"

Other wikifarms[edit]

Lumenos copies backups to other wikifarms. Ey thinks these will have eir username ("Lumenos") instead of your's, even if you are the last editor of an article (but ey's not certain of this even), so long as ey is only copying the most recent version, but now that ey thinks about it, if there are other people editing this wiki, ey will probably be backing up the entire history, in which case ey will also probably want to test restoring the entire history to the other wiki farms. So assume that any current or future wiki farm could get your IP address (even real scary Illuminati fortresses, such as Wikia, where Lumeniki may have to go if Referata, Wikinfo, Wiki-site, and become unsuitable. That'd mean probably changing the license to G"F"DL which is not out of the question if this is what the people want).