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This entire article is the Lumeniki1 Copying and Editing Contract. It is simultaneously under construction and a binding legal agreement.

"Licenses" might not legally be able to place obligations on a copyright owner, so it must be clear that by editing Lumeniki1, editors are entering into a bespoke contract called the Copysate Contract.


Copying from Lumeniki1

Currently, in Lumeniki1, articles may have nearly any type of license/contract, so long as this is posted at the top of the article (it maybe in the form of a link to the license such as an abbreviation like cc by-sa). If an article has no such license/contract notice, it is located at , and Referata does not force Lumeniki1 to change its license/contract, your edits of Lumeniki1 are bond by the most recent version of the Copysate Contract.

Editing Lumeniki1

Currently, by editing any article without a special license/contract notice, your edits are bound by the most recent version of the Copysate Contract. By editing any article with a different license/contract notice, your work may be bound by that license/contract. You may create articles with probably any (popular) license/contract, for example, your license/contract could even forbid derivative works; however there are the following exceptions or stipulations:

  • It may not forbid the article from being renamed, moved, or deleted (according to lumenotable and lumevolent policies). There will probably be sufficient notification before deleting and/or an xml format backup, will probably be emailed to your address (at your request), but there may be situations where this will not occur. "Lumenos 20:05, August 11, 2009 (UTC) There has got to be some MediaWiki wiki editor that can automatically do backups to your computer, as you edit articles. I like the navigational abilities of the Eclipse Wikipedia Editor plug-in. Maybe it can do backups."
  • All pages with the same license/contract should be in the same wiki category named for that license/contract, and this category must be in category:Lumeniki licenses and contracts (so that it can be easily found, moved, extracted, or deleted, if necessary).
  • Lumenos or other editors may think of other necessary restrictions in the future.

This may not actually be upheld by courts. For example, someone claimed that a copyright license/contract (namely the GFDL) could not place an obligation on the original author, thus that they had the right to have the work they added to Wikipedia, removed from Wikipedia for copyright violation. "Lumenos 20:05, August 11, 2009 (UTC) I have not heard of much legal precedence in this area."

Perhaps a more important question is whether web service providers will abide this bespoke contract if these lead to takedown notices (such as by DMCA in the US. The current Copysate Contract forbids the using takedown tactics but future versions my change this. ~ Lumenos 14:05, January 20, 2011 (EST)

Specially labeled licenses and contracts in Lumeniki1

Unique licenses and contracts need notices at top, and category

At Lumeniki1, an article may have individual sections that contain other licenses/contracts, however these should always have a notice at the top and be in respective categories for their licenses/contracts. These categories must themselves be in the "category:nondefault licenses and contracts".

Imported content

Lumeniki1Lu can have different licenses/contracts for different articles. Articles imported from other sources (or their derivatives) may be licensed/contracted in such a way that they hopefully do not offend in the original owner or do not violate the license/contract of the original work. For example, if an article licensed/contracted under GFDL, is imported to Lumeniki1, it will retain the GFDL.

Editors' custom licenses and contracts

Editors can make articles with a license/contract of their choice, with the following limitations: it cannot forbid the work from being renamed, moved, or deleted. It can place any conditions on copying or altering the work, but its presence and location in Lumeniki1Lu depends on consensus or (where this cannot be reached) a voting structure where vote power depends on how much lumenotable content an editor has contributed.

Pi's copying and editing contract

In keeping with Lumenous' wishes to have his own editing rules at RationalWiki, I am going to have my own copy-right restrictions at Lumeniki. Everything I contribute to Lumeniki becomes automatic copy-right of my dog Charlie. You may not copy or edit any of contributions to Lumeniki without the express written consent of my dog. As my dog can neither read or write English, my cat shall act as his conservator. Pi 03:33, July 1, 2010 (UTC)

It appears Pi has excluded emself from possible eprofits ey would otherwise have been entitled to under the Copysate Contract. These edits should be deleted before copying Lumeniki1ref. ~ Lumenos 13:49, January 26, 2011 (EST)

Some content in Lumeniki may be copied from places that use a Creative Commons license

Some material in this wiki is based on a copies of something from RationalWiki or WikiIndex. (Editors are supposed to put some sort of notice at the top of the page or section, but they may not always do this.) Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify these documents under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license, Version 3.0 (CC-BY-SA 3.0) or any later version. A complete copy of the license can be read at Creative Commons Legal Code.

Changes to this license/contract

This contract may change without notice. If you want to keep informed of when this contract is changed you may receive email alerts any time this page is changed.