Killary vs McTrump

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It's a bit late but some people haven't voted yet. This is a guide to some of the best propaganda yet discovered.

Economy and taxes[edit]

John Green agrees with Killery on taxes. Donald McTrump's plan would result in trillions more dept. He doesn't talk about tariffs, TPP, or NAFTA. Michael Moore and Jimmy Dore on tariffs good.

Should we raise the minumum wage? This could be good because markets may drive wages lower than is good for business generally. Businesses that pay lower wages profit from businesses that pay higher wages because some of these wages are spent on them. Then they have to compete with them. Probably depends on the situation though.

Health care[edit]

tl:dr John proclaims the Rand corporation is unbias yet any astute observer will note the conclusions are poignantly anti-Trump. NEEDS MOAR LAWSUIT!!!!11!

Trump vs Hillary

Why health care costs are high?

Is Romneycare/Obamacare working? (Mar 2015)

Corruption and foreign policy[edit]

The email Assange thinks is most significant shows that Killary knew in 2014 that the same governments who donate to the Clinton Foundation are funding ISIS/daesh. Putin has been saying forever that the USG has been arming terrorists and bombing targets to aid them in overthrowing governments. Trump plans to expand the military perhaps more than Killary and pass the bill to the next administration like Bush did.

Voting fraud[edit]

The outcomes of many elections may be due to fraud or faulty voting machines.

Rigging the election - Mass voter fraud (Project Veritas)

Then James O'Keefe meets real investigative journalist Sean Hannity. Well sort of. Know your place there James. We are talking to the Donald's not-cokehead son right now. You have to admit that people like you, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and Julien Assange, are kinda like criminal losers. "But but but we are exposing crimes!" you say. Shhhh.

Blatherings (plausible ikilumen)[edit]

Democrats can get away with more than Republicans can because lefties think they are good. Obama's terrorist drone war isn't well known. On the other hand having the same party ruling the executive and the legislative branch seems bad, therefore Killary would be preferred. Maybe Killary will be prosecuted or impeached and Tim Kaine will be President! What has Tim Kaine ever done to anyone? He worships the god of no name. Dear god of no name, forgive us our nuclear holocaust as we forgive those who nuclear holocaust us.

Russia + McTrump vs Multinationals + Killary[edit]

Killary has claimed McTrump would be a puppet of Putin. If Trump was half the leader Putin is he would be elected in a landslide. Are multinational corporations any more loyal to the US or the majority of the world? RT is supposedly run by the Kremlin and it seems more reasonable than the Western conglomerate media.

The winner[edit]

The final decision is determined by a rigorous scientific method known as rubbernecking the nerd's test. (Drumroll) and the winner is... John Green! And should have voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary.