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A "jeez" is the mental symbol (concept) of something (eg a person, hive mind, an object) in someone's mind. A "jeez" may also refer to the ("real", physical) neural correlate of this concept in someone's brain.

Christ jeezes[edit]

Not to be confused with Jesus Christ... or maybe it should be... I'm confused
We are trying to prevent the confusion of jeezes and Jesus Christ, but Christ jeezes are so much more interesting because we know all about those. All we have are stories of Jesus of Nazareth. Lumenosians are not duped by the antiChrist's claims of inerrancy of the Bible, so it would be idolatry to worship the stories of man. If we are talking about some mythical Christ, messiah, archetype, or uum superhero of some sort, that is another matter, however, it may be rather politically incorrect since that would be pseudo-heresy and may result in being burned at the steak, slowly boiled alive, tarred and feathered, or other such hells administered by the vengeful antChrist (or eir Father).

Christ jeezs can really confuse the people (though it is debatable how much more confused you can get at this pointYou're kidding, right?). With them and the AntiChrist the people have about a snowball's chance in hell, of ever finding the real Jesus (who we may not name, for it may be the name of Gosh which must not be used with vanity). Only by the Lumeno of Gosh and the Fours... and reason (but the people can't really do reason without a sheepherd leading them)... can the people know the true Jesus and be saved (from em or by em, depending on the definition there).


A gosh is a jeez of a god.

Authority figurines[edit]

An authority figurine is a jeez of a particular authority figure.