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Ikilumen is information or neural signals within a conscious mind or subconscious brain), which is, at least useless, and at worst catastrophically detrimental.

Some forms of ikilumen:

  • Propaganda advertising.
  • Bad wiki edits. Some people tend to edit spar vigorously for an edit that they later realize was crap... or they may never realize it.
  • Pain signals when no one can fix the source of the pain.
  • Ikilumen universes: In keeping with the muchVariation mythosis, ikilumen universes are the gazillions upon gazillions of unknownUniverses which failed to produce a sentient lifeform. These universes are only accessible via the specularium. Not thinking about these universes prevents them from being ikilumen, although it is difficult to store the memory of this recommendation, because it is itself, ikilumen. Sorry about that, might have got a little ikilumen in your brain there.
  • Noise pollution.
  • TermMites. Obsessive compulsive disorders involving typing words (especially neologisms and other things no one cares about). They chew on one's muscular skeletal system (see RSI).