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Talk to girls at your own risk.

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What it's like to be wong[edit]

It's wong to think that all this love is for your jeezes of Julien Anderson. Ya feel dat bb.


Emily the alt-whitey[edit]

Ever wondered what the insides of a bag of deplorables looks like? There are islamophobes, transphobes, and these here cuck fuckers It almost sounded like it was going to go somewhere. Now that Killary has had the Führership stolen, can we have any critical thought about Dony Tinyhands? You're okay with not being able to get an abortion for your rape baby, right?

Em is of extreme attractiveness. Watch how Gavin strategically probes with the cat call setup... ...doesn't catch the probable rejection and does the good bye thing. She's from Philly Man, after all that cervical sex with Mohammad Ali do you think she could even feel you? Next time expect rejection and you'll nevar disappoint! Being a girl is like being surrounded by telemarketers who are always trying to work it in to the conversation somehow. I'm just kidding. None of that is happening. Those are feminist fantasies.

Lovely Em becomes soft, pink and vulnerable You really believe in something, do you? It's not all joking around anymore, is it? It is alt-white. Gavin's wised up now. He is not falling for this flirty fishing but when she says she is fertile that would be a good time to suggest an attempt to make babby. Too much going on. I will have to make babby for you. First the negotiations.

"Race" was a major issue of two rather large wars: The Civil War and WWII. The alt-white didn't seem so strong but that doesn't mean they were wong. Clucky loves you and so will try to answer your questions later. (Although I don't think it will lumenate much.)

Em: Are you against [Marxo-Lennino] "communism"?

Cluck: Norm Chomskywalker implied Marx and Lennin were polar opposites. Marx was an anarchist, Lennin crushed soviet anarchism to establish the Soviet "Union". One might accuse Putin of having some values in common with the Soviet Union, being in the KGB and all, but his foreign policy seems much more benevolent than the Wahhabi (Saudi/ISIS) who are invested in many an Americorp and politicians who are causing all these refugees. Are you expecting McDadolds to slow the genocide/exodus or increase it?

I don't know about the availability of races for adoptions. Custody of moar wards is moar responsibility than most people want. How many children do you have Em? Want moar? We might rather be mentors/tutors/sitters but you would have to know someone. If someone comes with a Trump hat and they have a child, I could give them food, life advice, or something. I'm not sure why they want to just show up with a Trump hat but that is pretty ballsy because everybody knows he's going to be yet another crony Killary because he'll have to trust the establishment or he will make things worse because he doesn't know anything but it is a most interesting human experiment and like Barracs O'Bamin I wish yall the best of luck.

Then Gavin likes the Western chauvinism while Em prefers the white. When it comes to species I rank them first by apparent sentience (but animals aren't important enough for this discussion because nucular holocaust) then by intelligence or autonomy. If they survive with no help then they are more deserving than those who need help (conveniently). So that would make me an intelligence chauvinist? But then you need rules so that they are incentivized to act in the public/group interest. So I'm a rule-abider chauvinist? Is it just me or is chauvinism unnecessary?


Let the Right One In: (Don't watch the swimming scene or that other movie Let Me In or you will be spoiled. Let Me In in no way can compare to this. The music... Swedish children attend classes in the dead of night with no stars whatsoever.) Not a girl, Rubik's Cub (sic)

You know that part of the movie when the knight saves the guy and takes off the helmet and out pours long blond hair? That is Lauren Southern (on a good day; I mean always the way she looks but often what she says and does). She once appeared on an episode we'll call Hulk Mansplain Feminism. You mean the Incredible Hulk[1]? No not the incredible one, perhaps the credible one. It is quite cringy so I'll drop you off on Lauren's second facepalm[2].

Blaire White is a very passable MTF, here doing the play-by-play as Lauren captures a smugglypuff and a bushwagger! Elsewhere she says she believes HRT should not be available to minors, as it can sterilize them. Puberty also has irreversible "side effects" which may be more important to some. I imagine they would make the best choice for themselves in an environment where they can choose their own look and "vocal pitch" and they have plenty of gender fluid role models so they aren't afraid of growing hair or boobs just because they associate these with gender stereotypes or superficial/unnecessary roles. The scientific approach is easy, since these experiments are legal, there are statistics about how many transgendered later decide not to be. The answer is not to prohibit everyone because some change their mind, it is to anticipate who will change their mind.

Programmers (aren't girlies)[edit]

Programmers shall be distinguished by their qualifications achievements. All the affirmative action picks will be noted and separated out. Judgements will be decided by the Haxling Collective.

Joanna Rutkowska (pronounced root-kov-ska): a model citizen who refuses to model. Ordinarily I would never just add a programmer to a list like this, just because they are woman, but because she tweeted so many women just because they were woman, not because they are experts in gender studies and they all must be suffering from the Stockholm syndrome because they didn't excommunicate her, I felt I had to defend their honor whilst simultaneously honoring all the unpassable males and all the rest without titillating appearances. Take that! What do we have here? A picture of a pretty lady with sympathetic eyes making the drug-like brain stimulations of vulnerable gynephiles. She is also a leading developer of perhaps the most secure operating system that lets you securely run less secure operating systems. <sigh> The blog and Qubes documentation are usually very clear and the stateless laptop is good idea. She revealed that Trezor does not allow you to burn the boot fuses as USB Armory does. Is vegan for moral reasons.

Economics and corruption[edit]

My ideal date (she can't even smell my farts (on the other hand I can't smell hers)). Stacy Herbert on economics and corruption in a car, talking to a normal dumbfuck so she has to explain things better. Libor : how long before we figure out what hit us? Profits in the trillions with fines in the millions? If we catch you mofos you gonna have to pay your bribes!

Speakers (or "comedians")[edit]

Fancy Ladies[edit]

Annie Ledermen (from Philly): Running Joke, Camp Crush. Do you ever wonder why it is so easy to run? You have the most practical of boobs and no back problems. Great mole placement! I would change nothing about your appearance (unless you get old, etc).

Best Instagramma one learns from reading this how not bond with Mz Lederman. Her self-"deprecating" humor is not what she wants to hear from the likes of you so can only call her Annie Tranny in your dreemz. Amy Schumer can be even more confusing for those suffering from the machismo syndrome (not me)


Queen of all Dorks Lauren Lapkus: Take a Knee, Crackhead whore, w/ Little Ester





Kissing your virtual girlfriend is a delicate task. Could backfire completely. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

Wait what's this doing here. Oh yes, sexy songs to sing your virtual girlfriend(s).

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