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The aesthetic and functional gender factors:

  • (1) pubertal (aesthetic but for height/strength):
    • voice (some can change voice after puberty)
    • skeletal: facial, hight, hand/wrist/feet/knee size, throat, hip/shoulder width (might effect bone/muscle strength of post-pubertal hormones)
    • (nipple size?)
  • hormonal (can be changed after puberty with hormones I think):
    • (2) aesthetic: breasts(nipples?), body/face hair, skin softness, scent.
    • functional: (3) muscle/bone strength, (4) breast milk
  • (5) fashion

Three of these are combined into the aesthetic gender factors (pubertal aesthetic, the hormonal aesthetic, and fashion). Most would probably wish to have all the aesthetic gender factors harmonized as either male or female. So the aesthetic gender combines all these into one factor.

This yields a total of 10 gender factors followed by the possible options for each:

  • (I) aesthetic: masculine, feminine, mix, (androgynous, none)
  • (V) strength: beefy, strong legs weak arms, lightweight, medium
  • (V) height: tall, short, medium
  • (I) sex: penis, vagina, intersex, none
    • (V) urination: can use urinal?
  • gonad: testes, ovaries, none
    • (I) fertility: sperm, uterus/eggs/etc, infertile
    • (V) external testes are vulnerable to being struck
  • (V) milk: teetz haz milky?
  • orientation:
    • (I) gender orientation: androphilia (attraction to masculine gender aesthetics), gynephilia (attraction to feminine gender aesthetics), biphilia, panphilia, autophilia (in love with anima/animus/animi), aphilia (no romance maybe only lust)
    • (I) sexual orientation: androsexual (attraction to penis), gynesexual (attraction to vagina), bisexual, pansexual, autosexual (prefers masturbation), asexual (no lust maybe only romance and love)
    • Here I will list some neologisms that combine both sexual and gender orientation: shemalia (attraction to shemales), hefemia (attraction to hefems which are men with vaginas), androphilisexuals (attraction to males with penises [just the one penis for each male]), gynephilisexuals (attraction to females with vaginas)

I = important to both gender identity and orientation V = importance commonly varies by individual

The importance of ovaries is not counted because their importance is reflected in the other factors: aesthetics, strength/height, fertility. We have five important gender factors: aesthetics, sex, fertility, and orientation. Next we have the variable factors such as the "masculine powers" (strength, height, ability to urinate while standing, IQ?) which are often desirable in females. (It is self-evident that everyone wishes to be able to pee without squatting however less height/bone/muscle mass may require less food and maintenance; perhaps this has to do with the greater longevity of females or lower nutritional requirements.) And finally there is milk (no animals were harmed in the production of this milk).