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Wastes are misplaced resources.

Lumenluki has so many letters that could be arranged in all sorts of useful ways.

The purpose of this article is to research the best ways to convert wastes into food or other useful things.

Muscovy duck[edit]

See muscovy.

Feed animals[edit]

Feed animals are species that can be raised to feed to poultry or other livestock. These include insects (midges, larva, pupae), earthworms, snails and slugs.

Black soldier fly larvae have a great number of advantages but you can only get their eggs by attracting wild females. Redworms can feed mostly on high-carbon plant materials such as paper, dry leaves or pine needles.

Feed animals are not as good at sanitizing waste as high-temperature composting, which has been long known to destroy all pathogens and seeds of weeds or trees.

Growing livestock feed[edit]

Duckweed or watermeal[edit]

Duckweed can double its weight in 48 hours and produce a higher quality protein than soybeans.

Forage crops[edit]

Japanese millet was recommended for muscovies in Lumenos' habitat, by an eBay seller who specializes in forage crops. The reason was its fast growth or reproduction.

I got some Japanese millet. It grew well but didn't self-propagate. It was supposed to be non-hybrid but I didn't see a one seed sprout. It would have to be protected before going to seed but the muscovy prefer to mow the pasture so they can rip off little pieces of grass. The "native" grasses do much better and some produce many of those seeds that get stuck in your socks. The muscovies eat any grass but I get rid of stringy crab grass. A new weed has been taking over lately.

Garden huckleberry can grow with the muscovies. It produces small berries that even people can eat. Even rats can eat them. They started growing all over the yard and because I was afraid of rats I cut them all down. They are coming back all over the place. They are a good weed because it takes them a long time to go to seed and they are easy to cut down. Large plants can be easily cut with "branch trimmers". Small plants can be hoed or pulled from soft garden soil. The chickens ate the berries and so do the ducks but they couldn't keep up with them.

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