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This application runs on a spyware device called the int3rNests but it might be possible to edit lumeniki1ref securely and anonymously (you just won't ever know if you are).

Lumeniki is a wiki that is presently used more like Lumenos' clucky's blog or chatroom. It is however, open to editing by anyone. Lumenikis do not require registration to edit but if you have problems go here. The biggest challenge with Lumeniki1ref is getting a sense of normalcy. For a list of some of the pages that have input from users other than Lumenos see pages edited by others. If you wish to reveal a deleted page, ask one of these people.

Lumenikilu content[edit]

Nevar forget to BEWARE THE IKILUMEN! and may the Fours be with you... Always.

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Research topics currently covered by Lumeniki, include the following:


Israeli Colonel Errad Morad et al[edit]

The refreshing wizdom of Israeli Colonel Errad Morad and OMGWhizzboyOMG refreshes Charlston Charge.

Meanwhile the DNC is suing Julian Assange, an actual journalist who reports actual news that is very needed for the public/powerful to make somewhat more informed decisions (kinda like Errad Morad and friends). When you gonna sue Hillary's campaign manager for telling the propaganda machine to promote Trump and undermine Rand Paul's